Kindle 2 Review

Benefits Of Using A Kindle 2

Welcome to, where we give the best Kindle 2 review that you will find anywhere. The Kindle 2 is the cheaper of the Kindles, but that does not mean that it is not the same quality or have the same functions. Think of it as buying a computer and having to research them. Basicly the Kindle 2 has a little less storage, a smaller screen, and it may be a little slower. The size of the screen is a big difference, but the others really should not matter a whole lot. Who stores over 1500 books on a Kindle anyways? Either way, The Kindle 2 is a hell of a product and we highly recomend it to anyone that does a lot of reading. These things are super skinny, hold a ton of memory, are durable, and will be a joy to have. Read the rest of our Kindle 2 review below.


Kindle 2 Review

Thanks for visiting and reading out Kindle reviews. Though the Kindle 1 was the earliest model of this incredible device, the Kindle 2 hit the shelves and began to revolutionize the way that e-books were read. The Kindle 2 Review proved that the advances in the device made the Kindle 2 even more versatile and useful than its earlier predecessor. Though strictly reminiscent of the first generation Kindle, the Kindle 2 completely blew the earlier device out of the water. Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6

Review Of Kindle 2 Technical Specs And Feature

The review of the Kindle 2 found that the preliminary changes were in the size and shape of the device. While the original Kindle was designed to emulate the size of a book, the Kindle 2 was revamped in order to offer a more sleek, streamlined device. The Kindle 2, weighing just over 10 ounces, is only a third of an inch in width. The new e-reader can hold up to 1,500 books, depending on the size of the files you download and other bits stored on the device, which includes PDF and text files. Access to nearly 400,000 books comes through the Kindle 2, and our review of Kindle 2 e-reader found that many New York Times best sellers were amongst the choices available.

The technology behind the screen has also been improved over the Kindle 2. The screen has been designed to emulate the crisp view of a new paperback. Each Kindle 2 screen is powered by electronic ink, a revolutionary new technology that makes your e-reader similar to that of a real book and less like a computer screen. Newspapers, magazines, and novels are all delivered with an authentic look to the paper version, while dropping the physical inconveniences that may come with actually buying the book itself, such as torn pages, faded ink, or dog eared pages.

Since many people use cellular phones to send text messages or browse the web, many people are also familiar with the discomfort caused by typing so much. The Kindle 2 Review found that this is not an issue with this device, as the keyboard and buttons have been laid out to fit both left and right handed users. The keyboard can be comfortably operated with the thumbs, enabling text to be typed quickly and safely. Using the keyboard allows you to make notes an annotations, without actually compromising the e-book. Writing in a paper copy of the novel could not only ruin the book, as there is not much extra space, but you will lose your annotations if the book fails to live up to the test of time. The buttons to change pages can be found on both sides of the device, which will serve southpaws as well as right handed individuals.

The wireless connection on the Kindle 2 will enable you to download books and articles from over 100 different countries, including the United States. Using 3G networking has enabled the device to stay current with the Internet from any location that is within the service area. The service area is as expansive as it is fast, so regardless of where you are in the States, you should be able to download your books from where ever you might be. The review of Kindle 2 also found that the wireless network costs nothing extra in the United States, as the charges are covered by Amazon. Using the wireless feature outside of the United States, however, may incur charges.

Additional features include a dictionary, a web browser, and an experimental text-to-speech function called Read-To-Me. The dictionary feature will allow you to instantly look up any word within the body of the text. To do so, you simply have to highlight the word and click a button, then the definition will appear unobtrusively beneath the text. The web browser, while currently limited, will still enable you to do basic browsing. Perhaps to check your stocks, or look something up on an online encyclopedia, this web browser should prove useful enough to accomplish simple tasks on the Web. The Read-To-Me function, while still in its earliest stages, will turn most books into audio books at the click of the button. Whether you want a calm, soothing female voice or an enthusiastic male voice, the Read-To-Me function will enable you to listen to your favorite books rather than read them.

Overall Review Of Kindle 2

Our Kindle 2 review found that this new model is vastly superior to the first generation device. While they will ostensibly accomplish the same task, the Kindle 2 has been redesigned for efficiency and ease of use. While the Kindle 1 had problems with accidental page turning and a bare bones set of features, the Kindle 2 will outperform the earlier model. Kindle 2 has recently dropped in price, so it has become even more affordable. Due to the ability to hold over 1,000 books, an entire library can be consolidated in a 10 ounce package. The Kindle reader is seeing new books on a regular basis, so even if your novel has yet to be ported to this digital version, you will ultimately see it in the form of an e-book. Amazon's self expressed goal is to bring every book available to the Kindle, so this is a piece of technology that will never become obsolete.

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