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Benefits Of Buying Kindle Batteries

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The Kindle Batteries allows for portable reading on-the-go. Read what you want, when you want, without worrying.  With approximately two weeks of reading time on one battery charge, you're reading entertainment will go uninterrupted.   With wireless turned on, the Kindle Battery time is approximately one week.  Battery life for the Kindle is continually improved, and will continue to as developments in research occur.  The long batt2ery life of the Kindle can enable you to go on a full vacation wherever in the world, without having to recharge.  The convenience of the kindle batteries allow for the readers to pick up and browse pages whenever they choose.  The different batteries for the models of the Kindle all produce the similar amount of power for equal reading time.  Below you can find reviews of the type of Kindle Batteries for each model, as well as what is available.

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Kindle Batteries Review

The Lithium Polymer Chemistry battery for the Kindle is 3.7 volts. It is 100% OEM compatible according to their specifications. The battery comes in a discharged condition, meaning that you will have to charge it before the first use. They are lightweight and durable. Kindle announced that they had increased the battery life of the Kindle by about 85% as of November, 2009. View below for the Best Amazon Kindle Batteries that are available to you.

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