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The Kindle is rapidly expanding in the market, becoming one of the leading gadgets available to technology enthusiasts. Another popular technology is found in the weblog, or the blog. Now both technologies have mixed, and Kindle Blogs are becoming the latest rage for the handheld e-reader. With Kindle Blogs, users are able to distribute their thoughts, ideas, and opinions over the Kindle network, which is being built into the newer renditions of this amazing device. Though they carry a few fees and are limited to the colorless screen of the Kindle, Kindle Blogging is able to target a specialized market that had otherwise been untapped.


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Kindle Blogs Review

Kindle Blogs can be designed and established through Amazon, the proprietor of the Kindle. These blogs are established through Amazon, then sold through Amazon's market. These blogs are then sold at a subscription rate, giving the creator and owner of the licensed blog a portion of the revenue stream generated through Amazon's store. These subscriptions to Kindle Blogs can cost the reader anywhere from $0.99 to $1.99, kicking 30% of the revenue back to the blogger. This is similar to designing an application through the Apple, Palm, or Android application stores. While the stream of money may not be massive, it could still prove to be steady and substantial provided enough readers decide to sign up for the service. The Kindle is becoming more widely purchased, and each time a new Kindle is bought, a potential new subscriber is born. The readers of the Kindle Blogs will have their new posts automatically sent to their device, giving the subscriber easy access via an RSS type feed.

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