Kindle DX Review

Benefits Of Using A Kindle DX

Kindle DX is the best Kindle available and if you can afford it over the Kindle 2, then get it. The biggest difference to us is the bigger screen that is more then 150% as big as the Kindle 2. The screen on the Kindle DX is 9.7", which is more then 3" bigger then the Kindle 2. The Kindle DX is a great device for those that like to hold alot of reading material with them. The Kindle DX has the memory to hold 3500 books, magazines, and newspapers. People that buy the Kindle DX can download books in less then 60 seconds and magazines and newspapers even faster. There is no reason not to have a Kindle DX if you like to read and can afford it instead of the Kindle 2.

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Kindle DX Review

Welcome to our Kindle DX review. The premier Kindle product out now is the Kindle DX. In order to help you make the right choice over whether or not you wish to buy this product, we have taken the time to research and write a Kindle DX review. The Kindle DX is a revolutionary piece of hardware that will allow you to pack up and take a multitude of books with you where ever you go. This deluxe model is a vast improvement over both the Kindle 1 and the Kindle 2, for many reasons.

Review Of Kindle DX Specs And Features

Just based on the file size of your average book, the review of Kindle DX will hold over almost 3,500 books. The reader itself is just over 1/3 of an inch thick, and weighs a fraction of what a paperback would weigh. This wireless model can download books from anywhere in the United States, provided they 3G network is available. Books can be received in under one minute, giving you easy access to over 350,000 pieces of literature, magazines, and other periodicals. This wireless feature does not require a monthly fee or outside Internet connection. A computer is not required for use with the device, as we found in our Kindle reviews.

The easy to view screen is powered by e-ink, which delivers a pen and paper type view all through your digital screen. The keyboard is laid out in an ergonomic style, making this one of the most comfortable of all portable devices. Buttons are laid out in order to accommodate both left handed and right handed readers. The page turner was improved over the Kindle 1, which will remove the possibility of accidental page turning. These page turners are located on both sides of the device, which will let all who would use the machine shift positions comfortable, reading with one hand, all the while making the entire process more convenient.

A dictionary can be accessed at the touch of a button, allowing you to click on a word you are unfamiliar with and subsequently receive the definition instantly, right on the bottom of the screen, without interrupting your flow of thought. Experimental features, which will be upgraded in time, include the Read-To-Me feature and the web browser. The Read-To-Me feature will make nearly any of your electronic books audio books, with a customizable voice that you can alter to your comfort. Additionally, we found in our Kindle DX Wireless review that you can even navigate simple websites, including Wikipedia, by clicking just a few buttons. The web browser, while not overwhelmingly powerful, will allow you to stay in touch with the world, all for free through your Kindle DX.

Battery life has been significantly improved over earlier incarnations of this incredible device, giving you anywhere from one week to two weeks of reading off of one charge. Your wireless connection will shorten battery life, however, if you are not in a zone of high signal. You can even turn off the wireless connectivity when not in use, which will further increase the length of the battery life. The Kindle DX Review focused heavily on the batter, as a dead battery will quickly turn the Kindle into a paperweight. Thankfully, this is not an issue as the USB charger can be used both with an AC adapter or, optionally, a PC or Mac computer.

Final Review Of Kindle DX

Overall, the review of the Kindle DX showed us that this product, while expensive, can save you time and money over the years, especially for those serious readers. Since many colleges, universities, and businesses are beginning to make the digital shift, the Kindle e-reader has proven to be a valuable addition to a student or employee. With the proper tax preparation, you may even be able to write the purchase off as a business or education expense. Truthfully, the only draw back to this device is the price, though as stated earlier, this will ultimately be made up for through the savings of shipping expenses and fuel costs.

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