Kindle extended warranty

Benefits Of Getting The Kindle Extended Warranty

The Kindle Extended Warranty protects against the mishaps that Kindle cases and covers can not defend against. When it comes to internal malfunctions, there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. While Amazon does have a great quality control process, a bad one can occasionally slip through the line. All it takes is one loose solder or connection for a Kindle to not function at all. When this happens, you have a few options. If you're Kindle is under the original 1 year limited warranty, and was not damaged due to accident, misuse, neglect, etc..., Amazon will either repair the Kindle with new or refurbished parts, replace the Kindle with a new or refurbished one, or they may refund the price of Kindle. Outside of that time frame, you're on your own, no matter what happens, unless you have the Extended Warranty for Kindle. With it, your Kindle is ensured from defects or poor craftsmanship for 2 years.

Kindle Extended Warranty Review

Here's how it works. The Kindle Extended Warranty program supplements the existing 1 year limited warranty that comes with the Kindle. Where the 1 year limited Kindle warranty leaves off, the 2 year Extended Warranty for Amazon Kindle picks up. For the first two years you own your Kindle, it will be protected from accidental damages such as liquid spills, drops, impacts, anything which can ruin it. Claims for accidental damage are limited to 1 for the life of the warranty. In addition to the accidental coverage, the Kindle Extended Warranty covers all the internal parts for an extra year past the limited warranty. The extended coverage will even replace a faulty Kindle battery during the second year of coverage. Extended Warranties for Kindles vary in price depending on the model insured. Kindle Extended Warranties are underwritten by Service Net and the Kindle Extended Warranty stays with the device even if you sell it.