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Welcome to, where we give the best Kindle reviews in the business. The Kindle e-reader is one of the fastest growing products is also one of the most unknown, a fact that has caused us to produce Kindle reviews. In order to educate a possible buyer over what they are investing in, we have taken the time to purchase and enjoy the convenience of a Kindle. While they can be expensive, a fact that has led some critics to drop pejorative reviews, they can ultimately save money and time through saving you fuel for your car, shipping fees, and cheaper literature. Any serious reader who does not wish to carry around a horde of books would find any of the available Kindle readers a wise purchase. One of the key features of a Kindle is that they are amazingly skinny. This allows buyers to take them anywhere they want with less hassle then toting a laptop computer. Right now the 2 Kindles on the market are the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX. We have both Kindle reviews below for you to look through.


Our Kindle Reviews

When searching out a Kindle E-reader Reviews, you will want to pay close attention to the important details. Memory, display, file formats, and other additional features are all important. Though the Kindle is rapidly changing, there are certain models that should never run obsolete, especially when backed by the additional features that make these readers particularly special. The shift from paper books to digital literature has been moving forward at an unprecedented rate, and the Kindle has made this possibility even more tenable for anyone who would drop the dime and pick up one of these fantastic new products.

Kindle 2 Review | Kindle DX Review | Kindle DX With Global Wireless Review

Kindle DX With Global Wireless Now Available!!!

If you do not already have a Kindle 2 or a Kindle DX, then now is the perfect time to buy a Kindle. The Kindle DX with global wireless is now available and it is hitting it big with all users. This is an awesome new Kindle that is available with a 6" screen or there is one with a 9.7" screen. Thecheapest one is the Kindle Global Wireless with a 6" screen and it is now available for immediate shipment starting at $259 from Then there is also the Kindle DX Global Wireless with a 9.7" screen is available for $489. Kindle DX With Global Wireless Review 

Kindle Warranty And Extended Warranty

The factory warranty available for the Kindle is not very good and does not cover accidents. There is now a Kindle extended Warranty available from Amazon that you can buy to help you protect your Kindle in case of any accident. The extended warranty on a Kindle is awesome and is definitely worth the money. Each of the warranties they sell for the Kindle cover spills, drops, batteries and much more. Check out our page that describes the Kindle warranty for more information.

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Kindle Is More Popular Then Ever

Since Kindle readers is still considered to be a new product, there is alot of talk about the Kindle reading devices online and on many news channels. The best way that I have heard the Kindle described is by comparing it to the Ipod for reading. Think about it. You download basicly any type of reading material that you want to read at a later time, just like an Ipod. Kindles are just now growing in popularity and you can see how fast it is growing by the number of books available. there is almost no book that can not be bought on a Kindle. The bottom line is that the Kindle is the new way to get anything that you want to read, whether it is Magazines, books, or even the popular newspapers.

New KindlesNew Kindles

The point of writing Kindle reviews is to let you know about new Kindles. The development team is always looking for ways to improve Kindle. They actually spend a bunch of time reading Kindle reviews like this one so they can see what other people would change. Right now the best Kindle you can buy is the Kindle DX with global wireless and it is worth every penny you spend on it. Check out our reviews of different Kindle models so that you know what the differences are between the different models of Kindle.


Kindle DX Review

The premier Kindle product out now is the Kindle DX. We have taken the time to research and write a Kindle DX review so that you can learn more about it and make sure that it is the Kindle that you need and want. . The Kindle DX is a terrific way to read anything and will allow you to pack up and take a multitude of books with you where ever you go. The Kindle DX stand high above the other Kindles and it is one of the main reasons why the popularity grew so much around christmas on Amazon.

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Kindle 2 Review

Though the Kindle 1 was the earliest model of this incredible device, the Kindle 2 hit the shelves and was finally a good way to read books and other items on the go. The Kindle 2 is still available new and there is also refurbished Kindle 2 devices available at Amazon. The Kindle 2 review we wrote tells you all the perks of using a Kindle 2 and also tells you things like screen size, warranty, and the amount of books that a Kindle 2 will hols. Once you get to reading you will see that we have our Kindle 2 Review has it all.

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Kindle 2 Vs The Kindle DX

There is some very noticable differences between the Kindle DX and the Kindle 2. The most noticalble differenc is in the size of the screen, which is a very big difference. The Kindle DX has a 9.7" display while the Kindle 2 has a 6" display. Another main difference is that the Kindl 2 can only hold up to 1500 books, while the Kindle DX can hold up to 3500. The other important differences between the models of Kindle are that the DX has global mobile coverage and the Kindle 2 has only US. Read more about both of these in our Kindle review of the Kindle DX and the Kindle 2.

Kindle Vs The Sony Reader

There is a few big advantages over buying the Sony Reader or buying one of the Kindles available. The first one that comes to mind is the amount of books and information that is and will be available on the Kindle. Right now there is already tons of magazines, books, and newspapers that are available on the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX. When you compare the numbers to the Sony reader it is not even close. Bottom line is that Amazon sells more books then any other company and the amount of content that they have available on the Kindle will be growing at a much faster pace.

Kindle Accessories

There is all kinds of different Kindle accessories available that we have listed and reviewed for our visitors. You can but all kinds of things that will help you enjoy your Kindle more like Kindle car chargers, Kindle paower adapters, Kindle cases, Kindle covers, Kindle clip on lights, Kindle warranties, and more. Most of these things on these pages are not really necessary but they will help you protect your Kindle from any type of damage. The most popular Kindle accessory is covers and cases. Kindle covers help protect the device from damage from alot of things that happen. Here is a list of all of our Kindle accessory pages.

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Kindle Books

Right now there is a ton of Kindle books on the market from every genre you can imagine. We have a great feature on our website that allows you to search through all of the Kindle books available through Amazon. We have already seperated the books for you by category so that you can easily find the Kindle books you are looking for. When you buy a Kindle book, you will download it through and they will send it to your Kindle within about 60 seconds. There is some free Kindle books available but most of the popular ones you have to pay for of course. Check out our Kindle books page for more information and for a list of books available on the Kindle.

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Kindle Magazines

We know that alot of people are looking for Kindle magazines and that is what we have just for you. We keep up with all of the magazines available on Kindle and list them for you to find easily. All Kindle magazines are sold on a subscription basis but there is also a few free Kindle magazines that can be downloaded on the Kindle. Our Kindle magazines page should have all you need to know about Kindle magazines availble for download.

Kindle Magazines | Kindle Magazine Downloads

Kindle Newspapers

There is some newspapers on the Kindle that will make it easier for you to get the news you want. We tell you all about how the Kindle newspapers work and how you download a newspaper to your Kindle. There is currently newspapers from all over the country available on the Kindle and there is more being developed all the time.

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